Reconnect Youth Services

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

Sadly, homelessness and the risk of homelessness among young people from refugee, humanitarian and migrant backgrounds is more common than many realise – particularly if they’ve been forced to leave their country without their family or conflict exists within their family unit. Feelings of isolation, loneliness and missing friends and family can become all too much. This is where Reconnect Youth Services offers vital help.

What is Reconnect Youth Services about?

This program provides a wide range of support services for young people aged 12 – 21 years of age from refugee, humanitarian and migrant backgrounds who:

  • have arrived in Australia in the previous five years on humanitarian and/or family visas; and
  • are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Reconnect Youth aims to assist young people to stabilise their living situation and improve their level of engagement with family, work, education, training and their local community.

Melaleuca Australia has been appointed and is funded by the Department of Social Services as a Specialist Service Provider to coordinate and deliver the program.

Central to our service delivery is a strong emphasis on culturally appropriate support strategies and the engagement of specialists to address the individual needs of our clients, such as mental health services.


How does the program work?

Reconnect Youth uses community-based, early intervention services to assist young people and their families to break the cycle of homelessness. These services include counselling, group work, mediation and practical support.

Focusing on building stronger families and reuniting young people with their families, the program offers various opportunities for young people to grow, gain self-confidence and boost their self-esteem, including:

  • support with school and education
  • building leadership skills
  • developing resilience techniques
  • engaging in social inclusion strategies (eg sharing their stories with other community members).

Our approach to helping young people successfully achieve these goals is through both individual youth case work and targeted group activities.


7 good principles of practice

As a Reconnect Specialist Service Provider, Melaleuca Australia takes our responsibilities and obligations seriously, by engaging the following seven good practice principles:

  1. accessibility of services
  2. client driven service delivery
  3. holistic approaches to service delivery
  4. working collaboratively with clients and other service providers
  5. culturally and contextually appropriate service delivery
  6. ongoing review and evaluation
  7. building sustainability.


What outcomes can our clients expect?

We’ve received highly positive feedback from our clients, with typical comments including:

  • improved confidence and skills in relationships
  • increased participation in education
  • greater understanding of the law and young people’s rights and responsibilities
  • a sense of belonging within family and community.


Any queries?

For more information about Reconnect Youth Services, please contact us on 08 8985 3311 or at