Refugee Health Services

“The ‘i’ in illness is isolation and the crucial letters in ‘wellness’ are we.”

Refugees and humanitarian entrants often spend months or years living in refugee camps, before arriving in Australia. Unfortunately, these conditions can have a negative impact on these individuals’ overall physical, mental and emotional health, including contracting illnesses and sustaining injuries. This is where Refugee Health Services can help clients quickly access the necessary health care they need.

Bringing together the best professionals for our clients

Refugee Health Services is a holistic program that enables people from refugee and humanitarian backgrounds to access specialised health and health-related services.

The program’s overall aim is to improve service delivery models by bringing together the highest quality professionals in the health field to better integrate overall services.


How does the Program work?

Melaleuca is the designated Refugee Health Coordinator for the program in the NT. Our Coordinator is a qualified Registered Nurse, who works closely with eight medical General Practice clinics and in accordance with the Australian Health Guidelines, to build stakeholder capacity and ensure increased access to services for our clients.

As the area Coordinator, our role is intrinsically diverse and involves the following responsibilities:

  • Coordinating a range of services including client referral triaging, monitoring, General Practice capacity building and support and primary health care coordination
  • Primary health care workforce development within the context of Refugee Health
  • Partnering with key stakeholders, participating in refugee client health literacy and health system navigation, health promotion resources and education
  • Gathering, responding to and communicating the health needs of refugees
  • Contributing to and influencing refugee health policy development and research priorities
  • Liaising with the Centre for Disease Control in Darwin and various other government departments.


The benefits of our holistic service model

Using a holistic model allows us to deliver these important health services efficiently and effectively. It enables us to connect with Melaleuca’s existing refugee and migrant services and the humanitarian services sector. Our focus on the whole person means that, when we work with individuals, we can seamlessly link them with services that support their physical, mental, emotional and social needs.


Any queries?

For more information about Refugee Health Services, please contact us on 08 8985 3311 or at