We welcome you back!

At Melaleuca, we have been supporting clients for over 20 years who go on to do great things.

We learn a lot from our clients while they are with us, and as you move on to do wonderful things in your lives in the Northern Territory, Nationally or internationally, we will like to remain connected with you.

This is because your wisdom helps us to continue to support future clients and to map better the services we provide to keep improving on them.

Through such wisdom, you influence a positive future for others.

Melaleuca’s Alumni Program (Map) relies on you staying connected with us. By joining the program, we keep you updated on what we are doing and we seek your input regularly

To join the program as a previous client, simply complete the form in the link below and submit. Or you can call us on (08)8985 3311 or email map@melaleuca.org.au.

We will be in touch.